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2014-12-08: New version of Atomic VBA Password Recovery

2014-10-14: New version of Atomic PDF Password Recovery is out

2012-10-18: AtomicVBA: now supporting Excel/Word VBA 2013

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.zip password

.zip password

.zip password shall surrender to the powerful tool. A password protected archive shall be opened

If you have a password protected .zip archive and you have lost this very password you will need to restore the .zip password. Well, turn up your sleeves, get a reliable tool and do it!

We suggest you use Atomic Zip Password Recovery. Here is what you get if you make that choice for your .zip password problem. Two types of attack (i.e. methods of password recovery) ensuring the quickest possible result, laconic and pleasant-looking design for comfortable use and a user-friendly interface allowing you to start recovering passwords right away. Try it!

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Note: The solution for .zip password is called Atomic Zip Password Recovery


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