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Atomic Zip Password Recovery

Recovers password to your Zip archive

Frustrated because you’ve lost or forgotten Zip file password? Atomic Zip Password Recovery will help you.

Friendly interface, easy setup and several types of password attacks — you’ll find it all in AtomicZPR. The program brilliantly does the task of recovering passwords to Zip files with classic encryption.

The program is designed to solve that kind of problem.

version 17.1 for Windows x86/x64
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The situations you cannot do without a Zip file cracker

Below are examples of possible situations in which a password-protected Zip file may become a problem:

  • Sabotage by employees or colleagues — a person quit without leaving the password
  • A reminder note got lost — you wrote a password down on a post-it note but accidentally lost it
  • Too much of a can-do attitude — when you think your password is so obvious you can always remember it

In the end you find yourself in a trap – just when you need it the most your data are out of reach. You need the goddamn password!

Now this is the right moment to use a zip password cracker like Atomic Zip Password Recovery.

Immediate solution for ZIP password recovery

Atomic Zip Password Recovery is an easy and effective utility, designed to recover lost or forgotten passwords to Zip files protected with classic Zip encryption.

Though classic encryption for Zip files is considered to be weak this algorithm is the default encryption method for all Zip utilities such as WinZip, WinRar, PKZIP, 7-Zip and other.

Since it’s very likely that your Zip file was encrypted with the same encryption mechanism Atomic Zip Password Recovery is the right tool for the job.

Zip password recovery is a type of password attack. AtomicZPR attempts words from a preset range of values one by one until it finds the right combination. So it finds the combination that successfully decrypts the Zip file and… voila! You password has been recovered!

Atomic Zip Password Recovery offers two types of password attack:

  1. Brute force attack (direct enumeration). The method consists in generation and testing of all possible passwords. Though it takes long time the method guarantees successful recovery of a password. The following two types of direct enumeration are possible:

    • Automatic mode. AtomicZPR generates passwords using the most popular settings (i.e. lowercase and uppercase letters, digits; limit on password length to 5 characters).

    • Manual (customizable) mode. You can limit the password length and reduce the range of characters down to those you think were probably used to lock the file (for example – use only lowercase letters and digits). That will reduce the time needed to try all possible variants and save more time for cracking Zip file password. We recommend using this mode in the case you have some information about the structure of the password.

  2. Dictionary attack. The program looks through the list of passwords in text files (dictionaries) and tries every word from the list. While reading the words from the dictionary AtomicZPR can also modify them before trying as passwords. The method takes much less time however it is only effective if the password is a common word or phrase. You can create the dictionaries by your own or download them from our website.

For your convenience Atomic Zip Password Recovery saves the current search status. That means you can stop the program at any moment and resume the process later without losing the previous search data.

Thanks to the easy-to-use interface our users immediately know how to use it and are off and running. Even first-timers know how to start recovering passwords straight out of the box – without spending time on reading beginner’s guide. The search time calculator enables a user to create a more efficient configuration of password search settings.

Demo version restrictions

The software is marketed under a try-before-you-buy policy. You get a chance to evaluate all the features before you pay a registration fee.

Download Atomic Zip Password Recovery, install the software and see for yourselves how perfectly it meets all your expectations.

Here is what you need to know about demo versions of AtomicZPR:

  • Unlimited trial period
  • Maximum recoverable password length – 5 characters
  • Passwords longer than 5 characters are hidden under asterisks

To get a fully functional unrestricted version of AtomicZPR purchase a software license. The amount of license fee depends on the area of intended use of the program:

Atomic Zip Password Recovery

Atomic Zip Password Recovery

30.00 US Dollars
Personal use
45.00 US Dollars
Commercial use

A licensed version of AtomicZPR offers the following:

  • Fully functional software
  • Free updates for the period of one year
  • 70% discount for update in one year
  • Free technical support


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