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James Warters, USA: “This [AtomicPDF] has been an invaluable tool to remove passwords from PDF files in order to more easily edit the files. I previously used version 3 for several years and just upgraded to Version 4. Highly recommended”

A user from Belgium: “I had forgotten the password of an old pst file; installed the software [AtomicOUTLOOK] and it generated a generic password and I had access to my file. Works as advertised.”

Kevin Harrison, United States: “Have been using this software [AtomicPDF] for a long time and when I changed to a new laptop this was one of the first programs I added! Great program with never an issue recovering passwords.”

Ron, United States: “Thanks - this tool [Atomic PDF Password Recovery] works quick and does what I need. I have not tried any big PDF files yet, but the small ones work great.”

Denis Bone, United Kingdom: “[Atomic PST Password Recovery] Excellent piece of software, does what it claims to do.”

Joseph (USA): “I had a .pdf file that I tried another password recovery software on and it failed to find the password. I did a Google search and discovered Atomic PDF Password Recovery that found the password within 30 seconds and only costs $30.00. I've been using .pdf password recovery software for years and this is the best I've ever used. I highly recommend it.”

Alex (Russia): “Nice program, fast and effective!”

Kiwook Choi (Germany): “Ooooooopa! It works.... Thank you and I happy to recommend to my friends!”

Trevor (Canada): “This is a great program just wish it was a bit faster on cracking the password on a zip I forgot.”

Ralph Makx (Spain): “Very good product! I bought Atomic PDF Password Recovery Version - and hereby want to extend my enthusiasm for the software; it is most practical and very very fast. I certainly hope very much that you have deserved succes with you line of software products!”

Drs. J. Reehorst (Netherlands): “The problem is solved. The program Atomic PDF Password Recovery is excellent. Thanks!”

Victor (Brazil): “Thanks to Atomic Pst Password Recovery now I have all my outlook messages unlocked again!”

Jim (Australia): “I had a situation with a client where he could not access his wifi hotspot and the company that supplied the hotspot could not retrieve the password. I used Atomic IE Password Recovery and within seconds I had the password. I was able to access the wifi hotspot through the web management console and was able to administer the hotspot. A great result for a few minutes work, was worth the $30 I paid for it.

I highly recommend the tools found here, a great success story and a very happy client.”

Liz (United States): “Thank you very much. It worked like you said it would.”

SCOTT (United States): “After I completed the installation correctly, the VBA password was removed in one second. To other purchases of the software: This company responds to your support requests and backs up their product.”

Joe (United States): “We changed our operating sytems. I had no idea I had a password to my Outlook folders. It took a minute to find an abscure password. It saved me from losing 3 years of work!”

Fco (Spain): “This tool is perfect for the intended use I bought it for: recover VBA code whose password I had forgotten.”

Thanasis (Cyprus): “The program AtomicPST worked - I was able to open the .pst file. The interface was straightforward.”

Dean (USA): “I was able to recover the PST password and open the file. AtomicPST is a great tool! Thank you!”

Dennis (USA): “It provided the solution (AtomicVBA) for us to complete our modification to the VBA project. Thank you”

Simon (United Kingdom): “AtomicPST worked first time, very fast on a 7Gb pst file. Tried several free products first but none worked. Save yourself time and buy this, it's worth it.”

Patrick Cheatham (United States): “I just wanted to write to give my very pleased opinion of your Atomic PST Password Recovery software, and your very professional and wonderful purchase process.
The software works great. It is robust and simple, yet smart.”

David from the USA about #AtomicPST: “Very good”



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