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2014-12-08: New version of Atomic VBA Password Recovery

2014-10-14: New version of Atomic PDF Password Recovery is out

2012-10-18: AtomicVBA: now supporting Excel/Word VBA 2013

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About the project

The project apasscracker was set up in 2000 by the company AtomPark Software.

In 2008 all rights to project were transferred to the company Passcovery Ltd. which gave both companies the opportunity to focus on their core activities.

AtomPark Software continued developing software for i-marketing, email postings and network monitoring, internet and computer monitoring. Passcovery Ltd. focused on developing and distributing software solutions for studying insecurity of passwords to office and internet applications within the framework of the apasscracker project.

Thus we currently offer our users about 20 password recovery solutions. The project is represented by three localized web resources: www.apasscracker.com, www.apasscracker.de, www.apasscracker.ru, where any products is available.


All our products are trialware. Functionally restricted versions can be downloaded for free. To lift the restrictions a product must be registered which requires paying the registration fee.

We deliver full editions of software products by email: after you pay for the chosen product the registration key will be immediately sent to you.

Depending on locality protected payment processing will be done by one of our partners – SWREG, RegNow, ShareIt or Softkey. Each company is widely known and has won great recognition in the world and national software markets. Each of the partners offers a wide range of payment methods. You can find more information at their official websites.

RegNow   swreg    Softkey

We offer you to become our partner and participate in the software distribution program. Find out more here.

Read more about the terms of usage of our site and the represented products: here.


Should you have anything to ask, suggest or request concerning our products, discounts or product reviews, please feel free to send them to the online support system. The response speed will depend on workload, complexity of the question and time of support call. It is 24 hours at the average five days a week except for weekends and holidays.

Sorry to say, but phone support services are not currently available.


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