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2017-10-19: APASSCRACKER is releasing Atomic Rar Password Recovery 17.1

2017-09-27: Crack Zip passwords with the help of updated AtomicZPR

2017-08-03: The APASSCRACKER project has updated password crackers for Microsoft Excel/Word

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Technical support

Should you have anything to ask, suggest or request concerning our products, discounts or product reviews, please feel free to send them to the online support system*.

But first we’d recommend you to read the FAQ section with previously asked questions. May be you'll find the answer and save your time.

Should you come across any unknown terms while reading materials at our site, please go to the glossary.

Asking questions

There is an online support system available at the site. You can contact the service and get an answer in real time. This guarantees that we receive your messages and you can follow up on the status of your request. Make a new request or use the number of the previous one to keep track of the latest changes.

Every request for support from a user is assigned with a unique number and every message from either side is replicated with an information letter sent to the specified email address.

Make a new request

Go to the opened request

* The response speed will depend on workload, complexity of the question and time of support request. It is 24 hours at the average five days a week except for weekends and holidays.

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