AtomicWord recovers Word passwords

Atomic Word Password Recovery

Find a doc file open password. Decrypt a protected Microsoft Word 95-2003 document.

There is always a risk with password-protected Microsoft Word documents – a password may get lost or forgotten which makes the data inaccessible.

If this ever happens to you Atomic Word Password Recovery will sure get you out of there.

Created to unlock password-protected Microsoft Word files the program handles the task perfectly well:

  • Compatibility with Microsoft Word 95-2003 (doc files)
  • Three types of password attacks
  • Super-easy interface
version 2017 for Windows x86/x64
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Compatibility with Microsoft Word 95-2003

Atomic Word Password Recovery supports .doc files encrypted with 40-bit encryption key. These are documents created in:

  • Microsoft Word 95
  • Microsoft Word 97
  • Microsoft Word 2000
  • Microsoft Word 2003

The program also supports files created in all other versions of Microsoft Excel but only those saved in Excel 97-2003 compatibility mode. Only then AtomicWord will be able to crack an open password.

To be able to recover Word 2007-2016 passwords professionally we recommend using GPU-enabled software.

Password Attacks

In order to recover access to password-protected data Atomic Word Password Recovery hacks passwords by using one the following three attacks:

  • Extensive search — searching for encryption key. The program does not try to find the password but the key with which the file was encrypted. Once it succeeds it simply decrypts the document and removes password protection. Extensive search is a sure fire method to be used in the case of files with 40-bit encryption key. It is also possible to decrypt such Word files online.
  • Password template — brute force attack. The program tries every possible password variation from a predefined range until it succeeds. A user can define the range of characters to be used in password generation, set an initial password, initial and final length of the password. If you know at least some information about the password this method may be highly effective.
  • Dictionary attack — trying all the strings listed as words in a dictionary. The program uses a text file with a list of words by systematically entering every word in a dictionary as a password. AtomicWord is able to look through several dictionaries consecutively trying entries from each dictionary. In the case a password is a modified word a user can preset word modification rules before trying each word. You can also use several sets of dictionaries that are available on our website.
Password attacks in the AtomicWord

Atomic Word Password Recovery. Easy to Start and Use

When you start using AtomicWord you don’t need to spend time watching tutorials. We made it much easier for you:

  • Open a password-protected Microsoft Word file
  • Select password attack
  • Adjust (if needed) simple settings for password generation and modification
  • Start the search

Once Atomic Word Password Recovery has successfully guessed the password you will be able to use it to open your file.

Atomic Word Password Recovery finds the password or decrypts locked file

version 2017 for Windows x86/x64

Atomic Word Password Recovery. Full Version

Free trial version of Atomic Word Password Recovery has restricted functionality:

  • it finds passwords maximum 4 characters in length

To get a fully functional unrestricted version of AtomicWord purchase a software license. The amount of license fee depends on the area of intended use of the program:

Atomic Word Password Recovery

Atomic Word Password Recovery

30.00 US Dollars
Personal use
45.00 US Dollars
Commercial use

A licensed version of Atomic Word Password Recovery offers the following:

  • Fully functional software
  • Free updates for the period of one year
  • 70% discount for update in one year
  • Free technical support

Password Recovery for Microsoft Excel and Excel/Word VBA

Atomic Word Password Recovery recovers ONLY passwords to open Microsoft Word files. To retrieve passwords for Microsoft Excel and Excel/Word VBA we recommend using our special solutions:



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