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2014-12-08: New version of Atomic VBA Password Recovery

2014-10-14: New version of Atomic PDF Password Recovery is out

2012-10-18: AtomicVBA: now supporting Excel/Word VBA 2013

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XLS password

Atomic Excel Password Recovery

recovers or removes Microsoft Excel files passwords

Your problem

You do not know how to retrieve a password for one of your excel documents?!

Our solution

Look at our Atomic Excel Password Recovery.

There are two modes available in Atomic Excel Password Recovery:

  • Extensive search - automatic mode which just removes your password. If this mode is set, the program modifies the password protected document in such a way that the document becomes unlocked and the password is not required anymore. It's a slow method, but can guarantee 100% password recovery. This method is easier to use, there are no options to tune, the only thing you should do is to select your password-protected Excel document.

Increase the searching speed dozens of times with GPU password recovery

  • Password template - manual user-defined mode to recover your password. You can start this user-defined mode if you have any idea about words, and characters you think were involved or surmise what was password's length etc. The program will generate a large number of possible symbols combinations exhaustively working through all of them, checking one-by-one in order to find the right password. This mode will take less time then the first one.

  • Dictionary attack - under this mode, the program finds passwords by using special word lists, all provided passwords are checked. If your password is a known word (not name or so) then you can use Dictionary attack as this method could speed up things to about 1/2 an hour. You can get Dictionaries (word lists) on the Internet, some dictionaries are available in Dictionaries section of our website.

The following MS Excel documents are supported:

  • Excel 97
  • Excel 2000
  • Excel 2002 (Office XP)
  • Excel 2003

The main competitive advantages of Atomic Excel Password Recovery are the following:

  • Wizard user-friendly interface helps you to find the best way to restore a password;
  • Program customization. You can speed up the password search by setting the specific password criteria.
  • Excel Password Recovery is able to recover any Excel document regardless of the password length!

Atomic Excel Password Recovery screenshot:

Excel Password

More information about Atomic Excel Password Recovery you can find in Brief manual

Demo version limitations

It is always a good idea to try before you buy and make certain that our software fits your requirements.

Trial period is endless. Atomic Excel Password Recovery unregistered (trial) version will let you reveal short 'test' passwords from 1 to 5 characters long, if your password is longer then password symbols will be replaced with '*'. To remove that trial limitation you have to register a demo version. Click on the 'Buy a full version' below to purchase a registration key.


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