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2014-12-08: New version of Atomic VBA Password Recovery

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2012-10-18: AtomicVBA: now supporting Excel/Word VBA 2013

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PST Password

PST Password

Since Microsoft Outlook is the most popular solution among business users then PST Password is the most powerful solution capable of keeping their files secure and confidential. Setting a password on a .pst file will protect the content of your Outlook Contacts, Outlook Calendar, Outlook Mail, Outlook Tasks and prevent from accessing them by your colleagues or any unauthorized users.

What if a .pst file owner has lost or forgotten his or her own password? Farewell contacts from Outlook? Farewell memorable dates form Outlook Calendar? And what is to become with all things to do in Outlook Tasks? And finally are all the letters from Outlook Mail just gone forever?

Please don't panic! You can instantly restore the PST Password. All you need is a special password recovery tool for .pst files. Atomic PST Password Recovery is just the right kind of thing. Using it from now on will save your time and nerves.

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