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Microsoft Outlook PST Password Recovery

Atomic PST Password Recovery instantly recovers text passwords protecting PST folders used by Microsoft Outlook. No lengthy attacks, no waiting time and no complex settings to configure – Atomic PST Password Recovery does everything completely automatically.

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Atomic PST Password Recovery Features

  • Supports Microsoft Office Outlook 6/95 - 2010
  • Simple interface with contextual help
  • Compatible with Windows systems

Atomic PST Password Recovery Benefits

  • Recovers passwords to Personal Folders (PST files)
  • Instant, guaranteed results
  • Easy-to-learn interface
  • Runs stably on Windows 7/Vista/XP

Lost PST Passwords: Problem?

Did you know that Microsoft Outlook saves all your emails, contacts and events in a personal folder, also called a PST file? The software lets you protect the PST file with a password to prevent unauthorized access to your sensitive information.

Password protection for your Microsoft Outlook PST file is generally a good idea, but if the program ever loses contact with the file you’ll have to re-enter the password.

But what if you’ve lost your PST password?

Effective Solution

Atomic PST Password Recovery is a tool that instantly recovers your lost Microsoft Outlook PST password.

A unique feature of the form of encryption Microsoft Outlook uses for PST files is that each password-protected PST file has more than one viable password.

Atomic PST Password Recovery exploits this weakness to recover a 100% working password that may not be the same as the password you originally set.

Atomic PST Password Recovery is a universal solution that supports all versions of Microsoft Outlook.

Important Note!
Atomic PST Password Recovery ONLY recovers the passwords to Outlook personal folders (PST files). The software does not recover passwords to the email accounts saved in Microsoft Outlook. This function is available with two other tools: Atomic Mailbox Password Recovery and the complete solution Atomic Outlook Password Recovery.

Instant Outlook PST Password Recovery

Atomic PST Password Recovery works instantly and fully automatically. No need to spend time fighting the user interface or waiting for the result of a brute-force attack. Just install Atomic PST Password Recovery, select your password-protected personal folder (PST file) and hit Go to see your password immediately in plain text!

There is no risk involved when using Atomic PST Password Recovery – simply select your PST file and software displays a password that will restore access to all the data saved in your personal folder...

...or your money back!

free download Atomic Pst Password Recovery atomic pst password recovery serial key

Size1.1 Mb
PlatformMicrosoft Windows 9x/NT/2000/XP/Vista/7
Supported formatsMicrosoft Office Outlook 97/98/2000/XP/2003/2007/2010

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