Remove PDF Permissions Password Instantly

Remove the permissions password in a PDF file - it's easy

Atomic PDF Password Recovery instantly removes the Master password in any PDF file and resets all existing restrictions:

  • Print restrictions
  • Highlight and copy restrictions
  • Fillable form restrictions

The software supports all versions of the Adobe PDF format. Batch processing options are also included.

version 4.0 for Windows x86/x64
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Atomic PDF Password Recovery Features

  • Supports files in format PDF 1.7 and earlier
  • Works with PDF files encrypted using RC4 and AES algorithms
  • Offers batch processing of PDF files
  • Removes PDF restrictions in a fraction of a second
  • Compatible with Windows systems

Atomic PDF Password Recovery Benefits

  • Compatible with all modern PDF versions
  • Easily removes restrictions from a large number of files simultaneously
  • Instant, guaranteed results
  • Runs stably on Windows 7/Vista/XP

Instant Results

Restrictions significantly reduce what you can do with a PDF file: you may not be able to print it, select or copy the contents or fill out forms, which limits you to viewing the document on your screen.

Atomic PDF Password Recovery is 100% guaranteed to instantly remove the Master password and resets all restrictions from any Adobe PDF file the moment you open it, allowing you to print, copy and edit the file, select its contents and fill out forms.

In the blink of an eye you have a fully functional PDF file.

How does it work? Just watch the video example

We put together a real-time video tutorial on using AtomicPDF. Watch the tutorial to see the program’s features and speed.

PDF Password Removal

To see a list of the restrictions on any given PDF file, simply open the properties window and click on the Security tab.

Here’s an example using Adobe Reader 9.0: when you open the properties window, you see a list of the restrictions on the document. Unrestricted actions are marked Allowed, and restricted actions are marked Not Allowed:

Here’s that same window after AtomicPDF removes Master password and all restrictions from the PDF file:

Atomic PDF Password Recovery supports the AES encryption used in Adobe Acrobat 9, as well as the RC4 encryption used in earlier versions of Adobe Acrobat.

Batch removing password restrictions from PDF files

AtomicPDF offers batch processing of PDF files, instantly removing password restrictions from entire lists of files. Don’t repeat the same process over and over – save time with Atomic PDF Password Recovery.

Batch processing is a major advantage for users who need to remove PDF password from multiple PDF files.

How does it work? Watch the video tutorial

Video tutorial: remove password restrictions from multiple PDF files using AtomicPDF.

Simple and Straightforward

Any computer user can get these same results. The clear graphic interface shows you exactly what steps to take.

Just launch Atomic PDF Password Recovery and use it to open the protected PDF file. After that, the program creates an exact copy of the document without any of the restrictions that were put on the original file using the permissions password.

Atomic PDF Password Recovery instantly removes password and restrictions from any PDF file.

Having problems with an Adobe PDF file for which you’ve lost the permissions password? Atomic PDF Password Recovery instantly removes the PDF password and all restrictions on using a PDF file.

version 4.0 for Windows x86/x64

Full version of Atomic PDF Password Recovery

The free trial version of AtomicPDF comes with restrictions:

  • Resets permissions for only the first three pages of the PDF file

When you buy a license for the full version of AtomicPDF, you get:

  • Full functionality
  • Free updates for one year
  • 60% off next year’s update
  • Free technical support

Price of full version:

An individual license (per-user)30.00 US Dollars
A business license (per-user)45.00 US Dollars

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