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2017-10-19: APASSCRACKER is releasing Atomic Rar Password Recovery 17.1

2017-09-27: Crack Zip passwords with the help of updated AtomicZPR

2017-08-03: The APASSCRACKER project has updated password crackers for Microsoft Excel/Word

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Recover Lost Microsoft Excel Passwords

Recover password-protected Excel spreadsheets and retrieve the original passwords! Atomic Excel Password Recovery features all the usual password-recovery attacks, and invents a brand-new algorithm to quickly recover protected spreadsheets – guaranteed!

Guaranteed Recovery of Protected Excel 97-2003 Spreadsheets

Atomic Excel Password Recovery invents an innovative method to unlock and decrypt password-protected Excel spreadsheets without cracking the original password. This new method guarantees to decrypt and recover the original spreadsheet no matter how complex the original password was. No need to crack Excel passwords with brute-force attack! If you use Microsoft Excel 97 through 2003, you can save your time and attack documents – not passwords.

Recover Original Passwords

If you need the original password protecting one or several spreadsheets, Atomic Excel Password Recovery can recover them with traditional dictionary or brute-force attacks.

Brute-force attack is fully customizable. If you remember anything about your password, you can speed up the recovery by providing the exact or approximate password length or entering characters that could be in the password.

Many passwords consist of dictionary words, phrases or combinations of words and random characters. If this is the case, Atomic Excel Password Recovery can recover the password in almost no time. The available dictionary attack can use dictionaries or lists of words in any language – just download an appropriate dictionary, and you are ready to go! The dictionary attack recovers Excel passwords way faster than the best brute-force, so it’s worth a try.

Use at Home and in the Office

Recover lost and forgotten Microsoft Excel passwords in the comfort of your home – or on a powerful office machine! Atomic Excel Password Recovery is affordable for home use and comes with multiple-license discounts for businesses. And it costs nothing to try! Download the free evaluation version of Atomic Excel Password Recovery, or buy it right away with full money-back guarantee!

Atomic Excel Password Recovery Details

Latest stable version



Download a FREE trial


Microsoft Windows 95/98/Me/NT/2000/XP/2003/Vista


Buy Now for personal use (30.00 US Dollars)
Buy Now for business use (45.00 US Dollars)

Supported formats

Microsoft Office 95, 97, XP, 2000, and 2003

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