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2017-10-19: APASSCRACKER is releasing Atomic Rar Password Recovery 17.1

2017-09-27: Crack Zip passwords with the help of updated AtomicZPR

2017-08-03: The APASSCRACKER project has updated password crackers for Microsoft Excel/Word

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Atomic Asterisk Unhider

let you unmask any password hidden behind a row of asterisks in a password field instead

Your problem

If you use automatic password saving facilities at Windows then accessing password protected files or programs you see your passwords hidden under asterisks, in such case you gain access without needing to remember that password and also without seeing it.

But sometimes, you may need to recall what is under these ******* in order to use this password on another PC. And in that case you probably face the problem of the password memorizing...

Our solution

Atomic Asterisk Unhider will help you to solve the above problem. The program is designed for recovering the passwords shown in the password entry field under the asterisks. To see the hidden password you have to:

  • Run the program.
  • Press right mouse button at the program field and holding it direct the cursor to the field with asterisk hidden password. Mind, you have to press right button out of "Password" field of the program.
  • Release right mouse button.

As a result all password symbols will appear in the program "Password" field.

If you need to crack the passwords from IE page that has several fields for password entry, after the program run you'll get all passwords at the program "password" field listed according to their placement at IE page. Now you could select and copy the given password to the clipboard.

Asterisk Unhider screenhot (click to enlarge)

More information about Atomic Asterisk Password Recovery functionality you can find in Brief manual.

Trial limitations

It is always a good idea to try before you buy! Click on the 'Download a demo' to make certain that Atomic software fits your requirements.

Atomic Asterisk Unhider trial will let you see only the first 2 characters of revealed password! To remove that trial limitation and unmask the whole password, you have to register your demo version. You can purchase a registration key through the Internet by filling in a special order form. Please click on the 'Buy a full version' link below to continue with your purchase.

Buy it nowBuy a full version (20.00 US Dollars) Buy it nowDownload a demo



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