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2017-08-03: The APASSCRACKER project has updated password crackers for Microsoft Excel/Word

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PDF Security Settings Removal online - NEW!

 Do you know that PDF documents can be prevented from copying, pasting or printing its contents by security settings password? This sometimes presents a problem since, for example, the author of the PDF might have left without providing you that password to enable restricted features.

What is why, we have released an online utility that allows you to solve the above described problem. Just upload a PDF file and, once uploaded, a new version of the PDF without printing or copying/pasting restrictions is displayed in a new browser window.

Try our PDF Security Settings Removal service. Under free demo mode only the first 3 pages of your PDF file will be unlocked and displayed in a new browser window (opened in the default PDF application for your system). You will be able to print, edit (copy and paste) its content again.

To unlock the whole document you will have to enter a PIN code which have to be purchased. The pricing scheme is the following:

1 file - $12,00 USD

2 - 10 files - $10,00 USD

11 - 50 files - $8,00 USD

51+ files - $6,00 USD

More about the servicePurchase a PIN

Publication date: 2007-11-06

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