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2012-10-18: AtomicVBA – now supporting Microsoft Office 2013

2011-11-01: Autumn Sale! Get 35% off!

2011-08-25: Instant remove restrictions from multiple PDF files

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2012-10-18:  AtomicVBA – now supporting Microsoft Office 2013
2011-11-01:  Autumn Sale! Get 35% off!
2011-08-25:  Instant remove restrictions from multiple PDF files
2011-08-18:  New Version, New Features for Atomic VBA Password Recovery
2011-05-20:  The Lost PST Password Problem is a Myth. AtomicPST Solves it.
2011-04-28:  New video is available. Brute force attack to search for a lost RAR password
2011-04-18:  Spring Sale! Get 30% off!
2011-04-12:  Time Saver: remove restrictions from multiple PDF files with new AtomicPDF 3.0
2011-03-30:  A new version of the solution instantly recovering lost passwords used in Microsoft Outlook available
2011-03-23:  Solve lost VBA password problem in seconds with new AtomicVBA, 2.4
2011-02-26:  New update: Atomic IE Password Recovery 2.0
2010-12-18:  Zip Password Gone? Just Recover It!
2010-11-01:  We updated Atomic PST Password Recovery
2010-10-21:  A new version of Atomic PDF Password Recovery is available
2010-08-12:  Recover VBA passwords in 20 seconds
2010-07-16:  Atomic Zip Password Recovery 2.60 released
2010-04-27:  All Password Recovery Tools Just $9.95
2010-04-01:  Recover Lost VBA Passwords in Just Three Clicks With New Version
2010-02-15:  Atomic PDF Password Recovery, 2.20: Unlimited Access to PDF Files with AES Encryption
2009-12-21:  Email Password Gone? Think Again! Atomic Mailbox Password Recovery 2.9 announced
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Dec 08, 2009: As the snowflakes fall, so do prices – get 20% off!

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