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Does your program supports 7zip archives?
AtomicZIP supports only zip archives with common encryption created with the help of different archive programs including 7Zip archiver. No, our program does not support original 7Zip format (file...
I need know difference between Home and Business license
I purchased the Business version and need to know difference betweeen Home and Buisness version. Does the license allow this to be on several PC's since it is the business licenseHi Stan Morton, Thank...
How to activate Atomic VBA Password Recovery?
Activation You have paid the registration fee for Atomic VBA Password Recovery and have received the registration key. Now you have to activate the product. Please find below step-to-step directions ...
Do all variants have to be searched for to break a VBA password?
 No, all VBA passwords are found immediately and it depends neither on the password complexity nor on its length. Here is a short video demonstrating the process:  
Can your program recover a password for a corporate Outlook email database that we inherited from a former employee?
Yes, it can. You can actually try it yourself - we have a demo version. Atomic OUTLOOK Password Recovery 2.0

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